I know what you’re thinking, cherry, cheeseburger, WTF?  This is why Lisa suggested I call this post pop your cherry, because I know that some of you might be just ketchup and mustard people. I suggest you give this a try, the combo of cherry jelly and Swiss cheese goes great on burgers. The trick to this dish is in the cooking method.  Are you ready to pop the cherry?


Burger buns
Cherry jelly
Swiss cheese
Ground beef

Grill, I use the old fashioned charcoal.
Grill spatula

I like my burgers big so I make my patties about ¾ pounds. I use 80/20 ground beef, so some of that weight cooks off. Juicy burgers are very simple to make, as long as you follow the rules. Cook closed, flip once and NERVER, EVER, press the burgers on the grill. If you want you can push you burgers on the grill, but they will not be as juicy as they could be.

I put a small, amount of cherry jelly on one side of my burgers; this side will be the top when they go on the grill.

The remaining jelly will be placed on the top after the flip, this is why you must cook these with the grill closed, and otherwise the jelly would burn, yuck.

My coals are nice and hot, so in they go for 7 minutes a side.

While the burgers are grilling set up your plates and buns and lettuce, and any condiments you want to use, I like a little bit of Dijon mustard.

After you pull the meat off the grill top each burger with Swiss cheese. I has a side of fries, this time, oh and ruined my shirt, because when I took my first bite cherry burger juice poured out all over me, guess next time, I need a bib, or while have to go topless.

Will you try pop your cherry cheese burgers at your house?